Gimble motor overload! Inspire 1 & Zenmuse XT

Help! Was flying the old inspire (still my fave drone to fly) with zenmuse XT thermal on it counting wildlife tonight when suddenly the camera goes nuts and I get a gimble motor overload error on screen.

See video. Anybody had similar or have any clues?

I have had similar on the inspire with the X3 camera on.

From what I could work out myself. The overload warning causes the gimble to switch off witch would explain the camera motion.

Mine stopped working thereafter.
The only fault I could find on mine was the ribbon wire inside the gimble mount had been crimped at some point possibly at manufacturing phase and hadn’t effected performance until this point.

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See images on this thread, I put it back together expecting to have to source a replacement ribbon and (touch wood) I have not had a problem since.



Turns out after some investigation, that my inspire is running an x5 gimble! But the rubber grommets are looking a bit deformed so maybe need replacing.


So you have the inspire 1 v2.0, do you have prop twist locks instead of threaded screw on ones ?

Yes I do.

I’ve got an inspire 1 v1.0 with normal gimble (I see if I get same behaviour on that tonight) and then I bought a zenmuse XT camera which came with another inspire 1, the latter has twist props and an x5 gimble this is the one giving me trouble.

Don’t forget, I bagged first refusal on that XT camera last year :grimacing:


I know I know! :rofl:

But I use it often! Until DJI release a next gen thermal platform I’m holding onto it.

The XT2 was the same sensor dressed up and the matrice didn’t wow me enough for the price!

The inspire still flies a beauty on a T48 battery!

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I keep looking at the Dual camera for the Autel Evo 2 as it uses a FLIR Boson sensor at 640 res, same as the XT. It blows the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual out of the water with its 160x resolution.

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The lepton just isn’t up to it.

The boson picks things up from kilometres away!

I’ll have a look at the autel.

Tbf though. Inspire 1 with XT is really very good.

Yeah, I know… which is why I want first refusal on that camera of yours.

I’ve got 5x TB48s raring to go :rofl:

This realtime “picture over picture” mode is pretty cool too:

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