Giving everyone access to all GADC member benefits and discounts

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Or indeed a discount of several hundred pounds from some of our other partners :confused:

We’d love to hear any ideas you have Gary, please fire up a new thread with your suggestions :+1:t2:


It’s a difficult one to call. On one hand I can understand you not wanting people to have access to the special deals you have negotiated if that’s the only reason why people have joined. Yet, I refer to my reasoning made earlier. The suppliers are still making a profit even with discount codes.Which is good for them and good for British business in general.
Perhaps somewhere in between would be an idea? New members have access to smaller discounts. More active , longer members have access to some of the bigger discounts?
I don’t know? This is just an idea, and it’s certainly not my place to tell you how to run things. I’m very well aware I’m only a new boy here.


Agreed :+1:t2:

We’ve discussed everything from free membership to annual subscriptions and back again. The bottom line, we can never please everyone :confused:

We’ve had some suppliers outright turn us down for discount code deals because we do not charge for membership. They said it devalues their product(s) and would have a negative knock-on for their existing customers.

Which I can understand.


Take DJI resellers for example.

The reason we don’t have any discount deals in place with any DJI resellers is because their margins are too low and the market competition is too high. And they’re the first to admit this too.

We have some deals in place with suppliers that actually exclude specific items from the cart, again because of the margins.

Not all our discount deals are with UK based suppliers - we have some exclusive deals in place with suppliers in many different countries.

If anyone, those overseas deals probably benefit HMRC more than anyone else when they slap an import duty fee on your shiny new purchase :roll_eyes:

The problem with this would be that not many of our suppliers and partners can support multi-tiered discounts. In fact, some of them can’t even support discounts via their web site at all! You have to ring them up to claim it :man_shrugging: And to be honest Gary, it’d would add (significantly) to the administration. Both ours, and theirs.

We restrict access to some areas of our site to “Full Members” in order to reward them for their contribution to the community. Those Full Members have given something back, they’re helping other members, answering #questions-and-answers and sharing their experiences with everyone.

As @OzoneVibe mentioned in the other thread, our FAQ details the steps people need to take in order to be awarded Full Member status and I hope, Gary, that you’ll stick around mate and enjoy the community that our club has to offer :slight_smile:


Hi. Thanks for the full reply. I do agree with all you have said. I do plan on sticking around and both contributing my knowledge and learning from others in equal measure hopefully.


Thanks for the detailed explanation.