Glass Case

You know, when I see things like this…

i don’t wonder people are getting fed up with drones. The most expensive in this case is £150 and someone buying one at that price would no doubt think they have bought the very best! These are not the £1000+, reliable, well-engineered, safe, GPS controlled, self-homing, fail-safe, drones we use.

Let’s have drone registration, and confiscate anything that falls below the sort of standard we use and prosecute the owners. I wonder how many have actually read and understood the Drone Code printed out and stuck on the back of the cabinet?

Sorry - bit of a Sunday-morning-before-lunch rant there, but seeing this did take me a bit by surprise.


I don’t see the problem
Every body has to start somewhere
I only got my MP due to buying a cheap one and then YouTube watching to get up to speed with it.
No way would I have paid 1k without getting in at an entry level

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I started on a Hubson but certainly didn’t buy from a store.
You can’t blame the people who have products shoved in front of their face to buy.
Case in point… supermarkets . A good 95 % of the food products they sell are pure , unadulterated shit . You can’t tell me you haven’t bought any .
Target retailers not the consumers .

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Fair comment. But I wonder how many people will progress to that. Very few I suggest.

Do you feel better now Steve after getting that off your chest?

Can kind of see your point but people who learn with and are able to fly those small drones are probably more skilled than majority of pilots who jump straight in with DJI stuff.

I’ve got a load of drones some people may call junk but they are fun to fly and really let you hone your skills.

I have to agree with @callum

You could buy most of the recent DJI drones and Litchi, and fly them way beyond VLOS on the first flight and into all sorts of danger and break all sorts of laws.

Without LOTS of practice, I’d like to see someone get one of the cheaper non-stabilised smaller drones past the end of their garden and still be in control.

I never did find my Cheerson CX10 in the Le Mans campsite …… :thinking:

As for registering everything that falls below your criteria of a standard …
even for this?

In the end - idiots will be idiots - idiots won’t want to be found - idiots will not register. Registering really achieves nothing.
Despite all the laws and police, how many cases of driving without tax and or insurance and or a license and or under the influence are there? Thousands every year!
And, if the police have to tackle one sort of idiot or another, I’d rather they save more lives and distress by tackling the driving version.

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Ha-ha! Love it. Everything you say is true. I started this post to create a bit of discussion.

My main point is, I reckon most of these will be bought as presents, used for three weeks to annoy the neighbours, then put in a drawer. By this time, the neighbours will have joined those of the “bloody drones!” mindset. A few will be used to fire a genuine and possibly lifelong interest, but I suspect it will be a small minority.

I saw the subject line, then saw a glass cabinet full of drones and I was immediately jealous of your display case @SteveBell :smile:

Then I read the post… lol :slight_smile:

Anyway, still got me thinking…

Now checking eBay for glass display cabinets :blush:


Actually, I have been thinking of something similar for my collection of old still and cine cameras! :slight_smile:

Via my Samsung Galaxy S8

Let’s hope Rich, we aren’t all looking for one of them next year ! :grimacing:

My first drone was the JJRC H20 (cheapo from Amazon, hexcopter, a few mins battery and no camera) and i sometimes still get it out to fly round the house, because its really fun and cheap when things break / get worn out. Got a load of spare parts, extra batteries etc and simply replace bits when i need to.

I think that the experience with a drone that did nothing clever has enabled me to fly the Mavic with more confidence. A couple of hairy moments with GPS and IMU errors could well have ended badly without the experience of the smaller, cheaper drone.

Most of the people who i know that have wanted to get into drones i have advised to get a cheap model with a bag of spare parts, because when you first get round to flying these things crashes will happen. Most of the time i say to get the JJRC H20 because it is so small it can be flown around the house!


What a huge key board you got Dave

Yup… I first practised on a £250 hubson with GPS.
On the second flight … thanks to a tail wind that I didn’t factor for, it riffled into a forest , and got stuck in a tree. Took me 3 hours to find it.
A lesson learned that I wouldn’t have wanted to learn on a MP.

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Woah Dave! That’s a massive keyboard you’ve got in that picture!


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Thanks Mick.

Ive got one of these for my Lego

I’m gong agree with you there Callum, the amount people I’ve seen both in the flesh and online who cannot even land a DJI drone manually is beyond belief.

If you cannot fly a figure of 8 on sight alone, or a square in a field nose in then nose out without looking at the controls I don’t think (and its only my opinion) you should be anywhere near any buildings or people with even a fully sensor’ed up drone.

The small drone pilots flying in their houses are (again in my opinion and experience) either very good or serial crashers ;o)