Glasson Dock Marina

I really like how the boat piers all appear to point towards the setting sun.


Cracking shot, Mark. That’s some sunset!

Thanks Chris. It was & with a graduated filter on it just helped it balance the exposure too :+1:


Great image! :+1:

Hi, great photo, is that Heysham Nuclear power station in distance. Used to live in Morecambe, but never went to Glasson Dock.

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Yes that’s the 2 nuclear power stations. Surprised you all believe it’s a sunset :joy:


Yes that’s Heysham 1 & 2. Glasson is outside their 2km NFZ so reckon I’m good with the pic legalities :rofl::rofl:


Parachute jumping and microlights nearby but Glasson is good to fly.

Indeed but far enough away to allow ears & eyes time to react :blush:

Nice @MTLakes.
Where did you take off and land from please? There is a suggestion on Dronescene but companion has back problem following an op and may have difficulty of access so looking for places where not too far from car and easy to access.

Looks like suitable access down side of Bowling Club but not easy to see via Google maps whether suitable so first hand knowledge would be good.

Thanks. 3words would be great!

John B.

If your done is under 250gm then there’s a large car park alongside the canal basin at ///plunger.rebel.jousting. Gravel car park but you can walk along the canal path or pavement by the main road. Around the dock itself is flat but there is a small hill going away from the dock.

Thanks. All mine are above 250gm and need to be away from people and structures. More pertinently haven’t flown for over a year so will be extremely rusty. Really need an island without Robinson Crusoe.

I flew from the gates at the end of the dock. Nearest people to me were in the pub. I was going to go round by the sailing club but there was virtually no one else around on the main south side so I took the moment & flew from there.

Thanks. Will try that.

360 degree