Glastonbury Tor Winter Sunrise -3C and frosty!

Managed to get a very early morning walk up Glastonbury Tor yesterday morning while in the area with work, and to process the footage from yesterday this morning.

4K Glastonbury Tor Winter Sunrise -3C conditions, but stunningly clear - if misty at low level and a bit of a breeze at the top…

Definitely worth the early start and the effort needed to get up the hill!


Rather nice … if a bit giddy making. :wink:

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Yeah, perhps a little slower would be better… Its the usual compromise between trying to use as much footage while staying within the length of the music… Might do another edit yet…

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That’s where I cheat … no music. :laughing:

I think I would have flown from the bottom- saves the walk up :joy:

Yeah, I thought of that, but as there was another drone flying I needed to keep VLOS, so the walk up was needed - plus it was good exercise - even if I did need to stop and catch my breath every 30 steps or so!

Was worth the effort though, the view and sense of accomplishment is mazing…

Driven past many times - but never stopped.

Would agree that maybe a little slower would improve the visuals.

There is a natural lull in the music at 1.02 which would be an ideal spot to insert a copy of the audio track from 0.34 ~ 1.01 which would give you a little extra time to adjust the video speed without greatly affecting the audio content :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thanks, I will give that a go and see how it works…

Very impressive, well worth the walk.

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Very impressive footage, (seemed very popular for early doors)

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Nice👍. Wouldn’t mind a trip their myself.

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Ok, reworked 3 times last night, once at double speed instead of triple speed, and again at normal speed, with diferent music. Think I prefer this version, normal speed, but not sure of the music… Thoughts and CC welcomed…

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I think they are both excellent videos, but the sound track of the first is better for me.
Mainly as the latter screws the hell out of me tinnitus, and and at anything over normal volume, me hearing aids are not capable of adjusting to it…
but that’s not the sound tracks fault.

but both are good to view. nice work :+1: :+1: :+1: :smiley:

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