Go 4 app mod?

Does anyone here know what dji go 4 mod app is and what it is supposed to do? any info,even on the app page seems very limited. Anyone tried it?:smiley:

Not quite sure what you mean by ‘DJI Go 4 Mod’ app is. Nothing by that name in the iOS App Store. Is that its exact name?

Hi Londroner the app logo is the same as the normal go 4 app logo but all in red,Found the app on google search,apparently it can be installed next to the official dji go 4 app,one thing it does say ,is you dont have to log into dji servers? Not that part interests me ,but thinking it may force fcc?among other things.The app is definitely called dji go 4 app MOD,sorry dont know any more but it can be downloaded,just not sure i am willing to try it without more info :sunglasses:

OK, looks like it’s Android only at the moment but new to me nonethless. Someone else may well have experience of it and can answer your question.

Cheers Londroner,have to say i am curious as to what this app may do!Did not realise it was android only though,as i now use an ipad mini 4,soon to be upgraded to a crystal sky,I hope:grin:

The modded app is something you create through deejayeye mod.

You start with an original dji apk, apply patches and then you can run it alongside the original.

A lot of people rename app to Go4 MOD and that’s probably what your thinking of.

You can force FCC on iPad mini 4 but involves a bit of work downgrading the firmware and IOS app. App version 4.1.13 and below can be switched to FCC by adding a config file to device in iTunes.

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Be VERY cautious of downloading pre-modded GO4 apps where you don’t know the origin.

You have no idea what they’ve changed inside the app.

Bad settings will be the least of your worries - they could be harvesting usernames / passwords for all you know :frowning:

As per @callum’s post, you’ll be better off rolling your own. Plus, you can get Google Maps back if you do :+1: