Go with the (lava) flow - Highlands of Iceland

:round_pushpin: Highlands of Iceland

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Nice shot - Iceland is a great place for drone photography :+1: :+1: :+1:

PS - just amended your post title to add the location - it helps the forum search engine :+1:


It’s because I’ve driven round most of Iceland (something like 4300km so far over the last 10 years) that I’ve had to buy a Mini 3 Pro - my poor little Mini 1 spent so much time being battered sideways by Icelandic winds that I’ve caved in and invested in something with a bit more wind resistance :slight_smile: Next trip will hopefully get some decent video without me worrying about flying too far downwind and losing it.

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Thanks so much, appreciate the tip!

I went to Iceland in 2021 with no drone and had major FOMO!
I bought one specifically for my trip in 2022 and I’m so glad I did, gives such a different perspective!