Good afternoon - Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Hi, I’m New to the drone scene. I’ve been a keen amateur photographer for many years and am an active hill and fell walker. I like in Barnsley South Yorkshire and have just bought a Mavic Air 2 to accompany me on my walks. (When I get confident with flying ofcourse!!) Hoping to make some new contacts on here and gain tips and experience.

Thank you


Welcome mate. Plenty of like minded people here. :+1:


Hey up.

Not a million miles from you just outside Selby.

We have quite a large Yorkshire contingent and in more normal times do have lots of meets.

Check out our very own DroneScene for some places to fly.

Thank you. @milkmanchris I was hoping there would be someone to meet up with (at a distance ofcourse) to help me gain confidence.
I will have a look at the website

Depending which side of Barnsley you are at Connsiborough Viaduct is worth a look

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Chris. Is that any good for fpv? With regards to proximity flying?

I’d say so Karl. I usually take off from the viaduct itself but down below would be good most of the arches are over land, one over the river

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Thank you. I’ve just found a video on YouTube and it looks superb. Not far at all from here either.
Can I ask what fpv is please

First Person View.

Usually the smaller faster drones, guys fly them with goggles

Hello and welcome :wave:

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Hi @Tinyroo and welcome to GADC.