Good explanation of our current rights

Just watched this YouTube video and learned a lot about the UK ATS Airspace Classifications, drone weight restrictions and where we can currently fly. The CAA is even quoted as saying “…we absolutely want people to have fun with their drones”!

Worth a look. :+1:

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I’ve not watched the vid yet, will check it out when I get home tonight,

Does it answer our 400ft question??

Very interesting.

If we are to go by the letter of the law in that CAA Article 94, then 400ft is not the limit for us Mavic users, but must be kept in VLOS at all times.

Must get booked in at Specsavers for an eyes test just so I can push it that little bit further hehe

Good video, sounds like I can fly in the field next to my house which is in class d airspace. I know what I’m doing this weekend.

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I saw this on the news today. There seems to be 3 basic rules:
Keep it in sight
Don’t fly close to people
Don’t be a tit

If you are a tit and someone gets hurt, you have to be able to demonstrate that you were not intending to be a tit.

I’m still a little unclear on weather spying on the milf next door constitutes being a tit or not …


‘Don’t be a tit.’ A rule I think we all should fly by. :wink:

I’m pretty sure spying on anyone, next door or not, will not help improve the image of drone use, which is pretty shitty already.

Coffee, sugar, beer and a drone code guide. What could possibly go wrong :smiley:


It’s the little sticks of Blackpool rock I’m worried about

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Dude, it’s the only way to fly. :dizzy_face:

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Light aircraft like the mavic can go beyond 400ft depending on where they are, not near airports obviously. The only caveat to VLOS is that you must still be able to perceive depth in order to avoid collision with property, people or other aircraft in the event of an emergency. That is what the VLOS rule is for, to be able to see and avoid. Technically, if you can still see a little dot, then yes you are flying VLOS, but you are not able to accurately judge distance/depth and therefore cannot competently see and avoid. Just a little something to consider. This is why I don’t like taking my mavic much further than 400ft. That’s about my comfort zone with young, non glasses equipped eyes.



But you might see her tit :wink: