Good Friday Pano

This was taken this afternoon at Hengistbury Head


The subject may be the same as your first pano images, but the quality is a whole quantum leap of improvement! :+1:

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Yeah I was quite pleased with this one, I was sitting at the corner of the quarry pond, I wanted to try some video quite low over the water. I took a few short clips but I think I could get lower, will the MP stop you flying too close to the water or might it try to land if you get too low. There must be a way of switching these things off. I’m sure you know how to do this, I think you are my knowledge base and mentor for improving my skills.

I was up at about 60m so I think that gives a better image, if you look carefully you can even see the IOW.

That’s a tricky yes / no type of thing that’s best answered by suggesting you don’t get so close as to find out.
It won’t stop you, and it can go into auto-land.