Good Places in York?

Hi All,

Travelling up to York next weekend with the Mrs for 3 days and of course will be taking the drone (Can’t miss any opportunities even if she’s not a fan of standing out in the cold!)

Wondering where is a scenic place/places to fly with my Mavic Mini? Had a look on the map but no places on that unfortunately…

Any suggestions welcome, Thank you.

knavesmire looks ok , and near cifton park sports

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I’ll check it out, Thanks

You staying in the city centre ?

Forecast is crappy for next weekend, I work in York , live about 20 miles out.

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Hi @milkmanchris

Yes staying in the city centre near Bridge Street. Thinking of travelling to Rowntree park, Nice open place and a few bridges also.

Seen the weather, hoping it improves over the week…

thats what we cant control the weather. I hope its ok for you

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Thanks very much @stevelyt

Hope so too, Saturday is not looking too bad!

Rowntree Park is ok, close to the city and yes a few bridges not far from you, a little quieter if you wander down the bank past Millenium Bridge (away from the city centre).

Knavesmire (racecourse) is a big spot and nice and open too and if you go high enough up you can get some good views of the city. If you fancy a ride out a bit further, take a look at Naburn Lock (park just beyond the caravan park) its where the river cruises turn round, and I’ve never been bothered down there, the lock keeper/caretaker chap is very amenable if you bump into him.

Heres a Hangar 360 I took a couple of years ago, from the middle of the city centre, straight up straight down, from one of works properties so no hassles.

Like any city depends on how many folks are about, if you want anymore info, please ask or PM me,


@milkmanchris Thank you for this information very helpful.

Millenium bridge looks like a much better place than Rowntree, hopefully will have less people also.

The racecourse looks good also along with Naburn Lock which we will most likely go to out of the two, very scenic!

That picture is outstanding, shows how much history is in that City. I’d love to get a video closeish (around as close as you was) to the cathedral but unsure if that would be allowed/possible. Possibly take off around the fields near you was, how do you think that would go down? Would only be a maximum 5/10 Min flight.

Thanks again for your comments.

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Fantastic shot!

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The fields directly below the pano are The Museum Gardens, I don’t think it’s a good idea to take off from there.

Millennium bridge is at the far end of Rowntree Park and 50m or so further down is ideal to fly from, and only a couple of hundred metres from Cliffords Tower, Sunday morning before the shops open would be your best bet for getting up above the city centre, sunrise is about 8am at the moment.

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