Good Places to fly around Chichester?

Anyone got any ideas of good spots to fly near and around Chichester.
I am off there for a week on Sunday.
Any suggestions much appreciated !

I’d suggest you use google earth and take sunrise,sunsets and no fly zones into consideration.

There may be suitable locations on the interactive map of drone flying places @

Hopefully someone with more detailed local info might have some additional ideas, too.

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I’m from the Chichester area @chrisjohnbaker

I will send you a few locations tomorrow , especially if you are happy flying over water?


Yes., would appreciate that

Chris did you get those locations? Am heading that way with my caravan in May. Perhaps you could send to me …

More than happy to help you out with some ideas @Manty. Sent you a message with what I sent Chris.

Where abouts will you be staying around Chichester?

There is a big FRZ over Chichester itself but lots of great coastal areas to fly

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Thanks for that info. I too am learning…lots. Currently sorting out photography with the Air. Photos first! Will be staying at the Camping & Caravan site on the coast road. We visited Bosham and on thr other side of the water there so I will go back there…I might have a few more hours by then!!!



Bosham is a a beautiful location, enjoy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi John, Sorry for the late reply !.
Found several places to fly,
definitely visit Bosham, with a great meal in the “Anchor Bleu” that overlooks the Harbour (make sure you get there before Low Tide)
Also on the other Estuary Leg, I found “Dell Quay” which is not far from Chichester, with another great eating house overlooking the estuary (“The Crown & Anchor”) I flew from the shingle beach, about 100 yds up from the front of the Pub.

Hayling Island is another great spot to fly either from the beach at East Wittering, or just across the bridge as you go onto the Island (100 yds past the garage), on the right hand side, it’s called called “Hayling Billy Trail”).
Also the Sea Front of Hayling Island is a good place, with plenty of open beaches.
“The Ferry Boat Inn” ,Sinah Beach, right at the end of Ferry Road , is worth a look.
Have a great Time !, any further help, give me a shout !.
The Fishbourne Roman Palace is great for a wet day !.
A word of warning!, at the A259/ A27 roundabout, make sure of your turning ,or you will be in for a non-stop/turnaround point ,until you get to Havant (12 miles away) !!

Got some great footage at Arundel Castle (Flying from off the side of Mill Road, which runs around/beside the Castle on the riverside near the Cafe, had to be careful of the trees though !)
Was careful/respectful of not flying directly over the Castle, but, still got some acceptable video & stills!.
If you need some X’s on where the locations are ,let me know !

Cowdray Ruins at Midhurst is also a good spot to fly, when it’s quiet.
It’s set back from the road as you get to the other side of the town on the right.

Are you local to the area Brian? If so perhaps we could have a meet

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Yes, I am near Emsworth, 10 miles west of Chichester. Happy to meet up when you are down

great give you a heads up nearer the time

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There is now a big section on their website about not using drones😥

Are drones & model aircraft permitted ?

A. IMPORTANT - For the Health and Safety and privacy of visitors, staff, contractors, and residents - and for conservation and insurance reasons - please note that DRONES, UAVs, MODEL PLANES AND HELICOPTERS, etc. are not permitted into, or allowed to be used in or over the Castle, grounds and gardens.

The use of drones / UAVs etc is forbidden and any such use will be challenged and reported to the Police.

The use of drones / UAVs is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) CAP 393 - Air Navigation: Order and the Regulations.

Unmanned aircraft with a camera are classified as an unmanned surveillance aircraft and operators are prohibited by the CAA Order and Regulations from flying within 30 metres of any individual, or within 50 metres of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under the control of the person in charge of the drone / UAV.

Also, please note that the Data Protection Act 1998 governs and restricts the collection of identifiable images of individuals.

Nothing stopping you ,if you fly to the Drone Code

We keep saying it, don’t we, just because they write it in their website doesn’t make it true!

I love the last bit the most

I suppose they tell that to the tens of thousand visitors who take photos in the castle!

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