Good WiFi performing android smart phones?

Hi everyone… I’m new to this forum and brand new to drones.

I’m starting off with budget models till I learn to fly, and have got myself a couple of Holy Stones. I was wondering if there are any android phones for drone use that are known to give better WiFi range, and GPS performance.

My web searches only showed me phones that offer good screen viewing. I’ve seen the LG G7 ThinQ recommend for this feature. Does anyone know if this phone also has decent WiFi and GPS?

Thanks - Brian.

Hi Brian,

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Isn’t the Wifi connection from the controller to the drone? and the GPS is from the drones own GPS module

The phone shouldn’t make any difference :person_shrugging:

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Sorry, I thought the phones WiFi is what connects to the app, so you see the live camera view. In reviews people talk about loosing video while the controller is still connected and working the drone.

I thought I read somewhere that the phones GPS was needed for some features.

I am not 100% sure about the Holystone drones

Generally, the Drone is connected to the controller for both Video and control

and the link between the controller and the phone is cable, but that seems to be Wifi on the Holystone

That way if the phone crashes the drone can still be flown

Thanks for your replies Night Flyer,.

Yeah, the Holy Stone controller does not have a cable connect to the phone, I think the video and extra app only features are all done by WiFi - so a good connection is desirable.

I think it’s the follow-me feature that uses the phones GPS.

Thanks, Brian

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Hi Brian… Welcome to GADC

Thanks Charlie.

Hi Brian - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Cheers John…
I have just retired, hoping to use the flying camera on my hill walks.