Goodwood Revival Meeting


Great Pics Dave ! (envious!):drooling_face:


No doubt from my Favourite haunt !
“Duxford” (Spits, etc)


Had to ask


Some old ones …


Loving the photos Dave but it’s as if one is missing :thinking:

What do you think @PingSpike?



Went in “photography mode” again today … as in … cameras and lenses and monopod and food and water … and all in an effing big backpack that would look totally wrong.


A polishing mitt and T-Cut … #Sorted




More on-track action.


A somewhat unexpected experience @ GRM!

The circuit is around the wartime airfield of RAF Westhampnett - and remains an airfield today … Chichester/Goodwood Airport.

As a result there’s some significant RAF and Aviation links that are used to support the event. (See the Spits/Hurricants Goodwood Revival Meeting).

What I wasn’t expecting was Frank Whittle’s (now Lord Dyson owned) 3rd prototype jet engine from 1943 … a mere 75 years old, and still working!

(Finger over left mic for first 30 secs didn’t help. I rarely use this camera for video.)


I stumbled onto the Revival on tv, just in time to see over £200,000,00 worth of E types etc having a real ding dong of a race. No holds barred, plenty of contacts, the BEST motor race I’ve seen. Thrilling to watch. Put the Procession of Formula 1’s in they’re place.


£200k is cheap! One race had >20 cars each worth more than £10m.


Amazing photos @OzoneVibe - thanks for sharing mate :+1:

The whole vibe (excuse the pun!) reminds me of Beamish - anyone ever been?

And seeing those MkI Cortinas reminded me of my Anglia 105E :blush:


There was one of those racing, too. :+1:



School trip 1978. Brilliant day


Sorry, missed a nought, should have been TWENTY MILLION !


Ah - still, a grid of E Types < 1 Ferrari. :wink: