Goodwood Revival Meeting

Data permitting, I’ll try and post some pics offer the weekend.

Electric Vehicles are so old hat!

That’s all sorts here!

There are proper cars, too!

Amazing attention to period detail.

More later. Forgot my OTG for long lens pics off DSLR.


Some of the GRRC members’ cars …

Uploading smaller pics … slow data!

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Spent about 90 mins in the public car park. Amazing cars about!

Did a bit of badge bagging …

I take it you’re enjoying yourself
Are down for the day or all weekend?

All three days! :+1::+1:

ouch bet thats not cheap

Not sure I’ve ever seen two Facel in the same place, let alone … errrr … so many I couldn’t count!
The back row are Facel, too!

No. But not a silly price.
Epic weather, too.

Anyone wanting to watch the on-track action, it’s streamed live all weekend.

One from the long lens.

This thing last changed hands for $23m … so, whether one thinks it’s ugly or not, seeing it raced flat out amongst other cars of not dissimilar values is pretty weird/awesome/exciting/nerve-wracking … and it’s something that makes Goodwood Revival exceedingly special.
Today was only practice - but when the racing starts, it’s no holds barred stuff.
This one got rather bent in 2015.

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Impressive motors to say the least!! :drooling_face:

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It’s a very impressive event. Nothing else like it in the world.

Bikes, too! :+1:

And some mega names riding then, too! :+1::+1:

Looks like I had my Holiday in Chichester , 3 weeks to early, would love to be there !

This, and the Festival of Speed are worth the traveling to and the cost.

Some of the razz and matazz …

And these little devils!


hope you have enough memory cards
Oh did you take your drone?

It’s an airfield.
An active airfield.
Planes, including those above, and a continuous stream of helicopters.
It’s also a “large gathering”.

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Even historic bikes get bent, and rider almost.

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