Google maps on DJIGo

Hi, since we lost google I have never been able to use ANY maps on my P3A. I have DJIGO app 3.1.8 which I have never updated as everything except the map works fine. I use a Acer A1-840 tablet Android 4.4.4 . I have saved a map of my area using Google maps but it never appears in the DJIGO when I open it and connect to drone. Please stop me tearing my hair out. Please make any instructions idiot proof. Thanks in advice.

The versions of DJI Go app that use Google Maps saves the map data to a different location than the Google Maps app does. So, downloading an area using Google Maps will never appear in the DJI Go app’s map window.

It has to be downloaded using the DJI Go app — a version that works with Google Maps, that is.

I’m not aware of a work-around on this.

Thanks for fast reply.I have seen elsewhere people saying open google maps and move over area you need and then open " Cache " maps in DJIGO, I can never find the option ?

There is a chance that IF you know the location of the folder that DJI Go would be looking for the Google map data, then you could move/copy the cached Google Maps data to that location.

First you’d need to know that exact location, and then (probably/possibly) you’d have to create the folder.

Could be the GO app I am using needs updating, don’t fancy that as heard some scary tails of updates going wrong etc. Thanks for your suggestion but looks a bit beyond my knowledge

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You could re-install the version you have after updating?

Will look into the problem further. Thanks again for your suggestions mate

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3.1.8 is almost 2 years old. They’re up to 3.1.52 now. :wink:

All versions seem to be available on :

So, you could use the 3.1.8 from there to go back afterwards, or you could rip your current .apk (with an app like AppMonster) and then use that afterwards.

If you have a second Android device you could play with, it might be worth installing a version that uses Google Maps on that, and then …
a) You could find out the exact location the DJI app caches the map data and replicate that on your usual device
… and/or, perhaps,
b) Use DJI Go on that other device to download the Google Maps data and copy it across.

As far as I know DJIGO have lost there licence for Google maps and that is why you have to save and Cache maps to use with GO. What maps do you use ?

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Haha - none. Never really bothered me when using Go4.

The blank map window gives me enough info - which direction it is and which way it’s facing. Distance is in the app anyway.

I do use them sometimes when using Litchi … but that’s more for something to watch, along with the video feed, whilst I’m waiting for it to complete the mission.

It don’t bother me, just thought it would be nice to have the option. I will just keep doing the same as you . Off to the shops now, been nice chatting mate, thanks and bye for now.

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I’ve not gone all through this - but might be worth checking it out …

Gave it a try, couldn’t find the settings he was talking about, he must be on a older set up than me. Here maps went out after go maps.

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Spot on @Drifter - the early Google Maps API keys have expired, probably not much longer after DJI moved to Here maps. So yes, that’s why the maps in your older GO3 app have stopped working.

I use a custom GO4 app on my CrystalSky for the Mavic which I rolled my own Google Maps key in to, so I’ve still got Google maps on there.

But much like @OzoneVibe I too fly GO3 with no maps at all, can’t say I miss them really :man_shrugging: I’ve not tried modding the GO3 app, maybe I should… :thinking:

If you need maps, your short term options are update GO3 or use a non-DJI app such as Litchi.

I’ll look in to modding GO3 out of sheet curiosity now!


Hi mate, thanks for your input , will just stick with what I have for now, as like you I fly with no maps and don’t fancy risking changing my GO3 just to get map option.

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