Google restricting Huawei's use of Android

I see in the news that Google has barred Huawei from some updates to the Android system following Trump’s mad decision. Google maps is mentioned and may not be available on Huawei devices. Just wondering whether this is going to have an impact on DJI being a Chinese company. I am a little concerned having invested in a DJI Smart Controller which uses Android. Any views?

Huawei’s situation won’t impact DJI products in any way.

I believe access to Google Play Store has been blocked for Huawei… so updates to apps won’t happen for them.
Of course, one will still be able to side-load anything.
So, anyone using a Huawei device for their DJI drone will need to keep Go4 (and any other apps) updated in that manner (… if they actually want to update them).

Huawei owner here (and currently employed in mobile) - all current devices will continue to be supported with play store and play protect along with software updates. They’ll still get app updates and still receive security patches. Android is an open source code and Huawei develop their own versions already.

In short, if you have a Huawei today, or are about to buy one you should still be good. The only stumbling blocks may come later when the next iteration of android is released.

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Indeed - that wasn’t what I was reading yesterday - today the story has changed. :+1: