Goole Railway swing Bridge open for shipping

Just realised. The Bridge was built in 1868 and still uses the original engines to turn it. I should have put it in the trophy challenge cos it’s over 100 years old.


Definitely Challenge worthy! :+1:

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I was first aware of that bridge on a recent tv program - don’t recall which.
Amazing what was achieved in the 19th century.
I was alive and glued to the TV for the first manned landing on the moon. Considering what they had available, the innovators and engineers of the 19th century were absolutely level pegging with NASA in '69.

On my doorstep @Brian, are you local?

I agree. I was the same with the moon landings, glued to TV. This bridge is older than that one in London (Tower Bridge, built 1874) and is the sister Bridge to the road bridge over the river Tyne at Newcastle.

Yes. I live at Barlby near Selby. I’m lucky enough to work around the area

It would be great to get a direct overhead video of that bridge as it opens/closes!

Camblesforth for me, hence the masses of Drax stuff on my feed.

Small world, kids go to karate in Barlby and I fly be most days en route to that there York for work.

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Pretty interesting. Actually heard about this on a Hydraulics course. Drive system used steam engines, accumulator and hydraulic motors.

Tower bridge used a similar water system that was in use right up untill the 70s and then updated with modern hydraulics.

We will have to arrange to meet up and fly. It’d be interesting to film each other’s drones and swop ideas.

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That’s right. The steam engines are still used, they use hydraulic oil to push the pistons instead of steam. The accumulator assists in boosting the pressure so they can use a smaller hydraulic motor to force oil into the pistons.

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I have some vids from overhead but they are too large for on here. I will try and trim them down and post

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