GoPro Hero 9 vs RunCam Thumb Pro V2

Not sure if this counts as a video post or a discussion post tbh!

I ordered the new V2 RunCam Thumb Pro direct from RunCam (9 days from order to my doorstep :clap:)

I thought this would be a completely unfair comparison given the massive difference in price of these two cameras. Both were strapped to the top of my Rekon 6. Everything was set on auto on both cameras, I did set the saturation to high on the RunCam as it was completely washed out. The sky is pretty blown out and over-exposed but it was low sun and tough conditions for any camera. It was also blowing pretty well too. The RC footage is stabilised with GyroFlow. It did a pretty good effort but couldn’t quite take out all of the wobbles. (Caveat - I know v. little about GyroFlow thus far - more to learn I am sure) A little bit of jello, but I suspect that was mostly down to sketchy mounting on top of the GoPro!

Overall, it’s a pretty nifty little camera. I got a set of ND filters but didn’t use them this time round, that may well make a difference too.

Best thing - it weighs 15g :exploding_head: so it’s perfect for little 2.5" whoops etc. that would never carry a full size camera.


And… to be fair to the RunCam… if you have the right tools and really know what you’re doing, you can (apparently! :exploding_head:) make it look like this…

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