Gosh it's breezy today!


So out with the cheapo camera & watch the birds.


nice pictures and i think the birds are goldfinch’s


Yep ! Goldfinch in unusually large numbers this year. Looking forward to thistle season when they bring their young in to feed on the seed heads. I grow a patch of six footers specifically for them. Yeah I’m abit keen on wildlife :rofl:


Nowt wrong with that Rob, i love any wildlife i can take pics of, nice picky’s there mate :+1:


I’ve had 70 goldfinches in my garden at one time. Well - that’s the largest number I have photographic evidence for.


Cheers! I’m great at pubs quizzes, you want the Latin names ? I got it !! :laughing: :+1:


40 was about the largest flock in the garden, 70 is spectacular :+1: Collective noun is a ‘charm of goldfinch’ yours was more an ‘invasion’ lucky so n so ! :open_mouth:


Here was a 68 … The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Amazing sight , quite exceptional ! I thought sunflower hearts would be a cheaper replacement for niger-seed but they wolf that down even quicker! Here in the flat Fens winters are tough enough so I like to think I help em through & that offsets the seed outlay.


I get through 4 x 12.5kg bags of niger each year.


Just above those pics of the 68 were some closeups.


I can believe it ! I get large bag seed from Vine House Farm bird seed supplier. A wildlife enthusiast farmer who has turned all his crops over to bird seed organic crops. Just a 20 min drive from me. Google Vine House just out of interest, impressive stuff.



13kg £28!!!

I pay £19 for 12.5kg - free delivery.


Just checked out Vine House Farm cost of niger, £28 for 13kg x £5 delivery approx. Can I ask where you get niger at your price ?



I never pay the extra for fast delivery - mainly because I’m never in that much of a hurry and it seems to arrive in a couple of days anyway.


Looks like our suppliers are pretty much on par @ 25kg. I have friends who spend £50 a month on seed all year round, personally I wouldn’t/couldn’t but it floats their boat so all good!



£34 v £27 ain’t the kind of difference I call “on par”


Add a fiver for delivery !


£39 v £27


Got me wires crossed :smirk: Now Vine House farm seeds quoting £47 for 25kg niger ? Too much methinks!