Got a toy, want something better

So i love gadgets, when drones became popular they grabbed my attention, so as a little tester my gf bought me a huajun volcano w606 16 to have a play with. Its pretty basic with gesture control.

I love playing with it, so ive done sone research and seen that some have Headless mode, return home, brushless motors, and other such features.

My question is…where do I start?

I like to spend about £100, and I live in the UK. I don’t want a super tiny drone, and currently am not bothered about a camera.

If the next one i get keeps me into it, I’ll certainly be looking some hobby grade models next.

I have a decent sized back garden, and will take it the park, days out ext.

Im 39, and my 2 year old absolutely loves watching my current one fly.

Please help me with what to purchase as there are so many brands / unbranded, copies ect about and so many different features.

(ps: im based in Cheshire)

Thanks in advance

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Sounds Like a Ryze “Tello” to me !
(and the camera ain’t half bad either)
Not suitable for windy days though !

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Agreed, the Tello would fit the bill perfectly

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Yup, I’d vote for the Tello too!

Perhaps with a remote controller too :slight_smile:

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Yep Tello as well I bought one on a whim and it’s a great little drone, better with a controller
if you can buy the Tello boost combo , you get 3 batteries and a charging dock the batts last 13 mins and seem to do that

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Since you not bothered about camera you have a lot more options around the £100 mark.

I’d look at something like an MJX bugs 3 pro. It’s a brushless GPS drone that is pretty quick.

It’s a decent size and handles wind well and if you learn to fly that well a move up to DJI style drones would be a breeze.

You also have the non pro bugs 3 which had no GPS but is seriously quick and agile and can be flown like a racer.

So if you want something to fly LOS that is fast, handles wind and can be flown like a racer go for a Bugs 3.

If you want something with GPS and more balanced but still quick look at the Bugs 3 pro.

Or if your wanting something smaller with no learning curve the Tello fits the bill.

Thanks for the response so far.

When you say with a remote too, what do you mean exactly? Does this model not come with a controller?

Is it a phone controlled drone?

The Tello doesn’t come with a controller on the standard £99 quid deal.

Remotes can be found for £30 ish.

Have a browse:

Oh brilliant that link has a ton of info. Thanks

One thing that puts me off this drone is that it people seem to say its not great outside, and id be mainly looking to use it outside.

Is this weather dependent? This really does look like what im looking for aside from that

Personally I wouldn’t use it outside in anything other than the stillest of still days.


Agreed. I love my little Tello and it’s great fun to fly, but it’s not great in a breeze. If you so much as fart in the general direction it’s going to struggle.

Much better with a controller. It works well flown from a phone but the ‘feel’ is a lot better with a couple of sticks instead of sliding your thumbs about on a screen.

Im on the fence. Whats best if id like to stick to using it outside?

I can stetch the budget a little. Shame really as the tello looks and sounds awesome.

Really appreciate the help thus far.

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Maybe a trawl around the second hand market? A lot of people advise against this, but I got a used one from the US.

eBay has some used Parrot Bebop 2s floating about. Or there’s bound to be a Hubsan model that someone can recommend?

Personally on that budget I’d either go for the Tello, or save your cash at this stage & put it towards a used or refurbished Spark / Air a bit further down the line.

I have seen the Tello used indoors and it is a really fun machine with built in tricks too (flip over etc.).

Its here for £76.00

If I get some spare cash I would really like to buy one.