Got out when wind dropped


I forget how close to the water you are @Neil79 have u been down to the foreshore at Saltmarshe yet, good flying down there :wink:

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Thanks Chris no not been yet. I will go and check it out thanks.

Is this a fish eye lens of some kind? I see that the horizon is curved and need to learn about all these things before I start buying!

What’s the benefit of a lens like this over a normal one?


Just a lens that’s not anamorphic.

Sorry Terry, that means nothing to me. :joy:

Would you mind breaking it down a little further?

No, it’s just that particular model of drone, most good quality high end drones pictures are without the fisheye look.

Anamorphic lenses make rectangles look like rectangles without any distortion.

A simple convex lens isn’t anamorphic. It’s part of what you pay bigger bucks for in lenses.

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Errr … scrub anamorphic, in meant spherical aberration, and simple correction.
Too early. Duh!

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I’ll try not to get too caught up in the technicalities! Is it safe to say that most mid range drones don’t suffer from this? I appreciate that’s a sweeping statement but I’m just trying to get some idea. :wink:

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Indeed. It’s rare in most drones with photography as their main purpose.
Small, simply, cameras used for fpv drones (think racing drones where you use goggles) are as light, small, simple as possible to keep drone performance.

You saw the same distortion on GoPro cameras where everything was kept small/simple … even though they weren’t that cheap.

Unaware of any DJI drones that suffer.


Hi yeah I’m not sure on all the technical stuff but it is because it’s a very cheap drone. My first drone to see how I get on. It is time to get a better one tho soon.

Think the DJI stuff do in camera correction on Jpeg and even RAW.

Distortion is quite noticeable on the M2P log video without any processing.

Quick tweak with SKRWT android app.

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Thanks they look better. I am considering the mavic mini.