Grain in video

all my videos seem to have gain in them any idea ?

i use a dji phantom 3 adv using 1080

thanks in advanced

Posting an example would help us advise on the problem.

hey and no problem

here is the link and your advice will be greatly appreciated and i think it could be exposure related

Can you adjust ISO on that one? Looks like high ISO to me.

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Your gimbal is off too ;o)

I’ll have a look at the video in FCPX and see how it looks

i use premier pro and fimora but thank you for the suggestion

im not 100% sure but i can adjust the exposure i will have a look now and let you know

Check you are not exposure locking on take off (especially on that case )

just as i saw this comment i found the camera setting was all over the shop and for some reason it was on Manuel settings


i have set it at 1080 at 50fps now :sweat_smile: and yep its a lot better