Gratuitous DJI Photo shoot ;) MP vs M2Zoom vs Spark (Size comparison)

Is it just me, or is my Spark going, Ta Daa!

Show us your kit, people!


I need a bit more than a worktop for mine !

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Flippin’ 'eck how do you decide what to fly! :thinking:

More piccys people!

I don’t !, I just go "Ennee, Mennee ,Minny, Mo !, THAT ONE !.
Seriously, I need to get therapy !, as so do a few others on here ! (He He) I am going to have to get rid of at least 3 of them, as I only have two hands FFS !.
They are taking over, even in bed I hear “Buzzing” (or is that just the Neighbour and her Vibrator !)
With 4 other helpers I could hold a “Meet Up” all on my own !.
Seriously, again !, I nearly always take at least 3 out with me flying. so I can fly for at lease nearly 3 hours before having to head home !

Therapy? Nah - we’re the future!

If you got them all to active track each other you’ve got a Youtube hit right there :wink: - (or a massive crash :rofl:)

More piccys people! Show what you run!

I Have had 3 in the air at the same time, bit hairy remembering which controller is which !.

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I’m forming the beginnings of a plan…

There’s a lot of members on this site and not a lot of pictures - come on people! Show wot you run!

#Picard - Lets see whats out there! - Yeah I said it.

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WOW!!! That is awesome. I wonder if we can get Blackpool to put on a display like that.
I mean if people will come for miles to see some coloured bulbs (euphemistically called illuminations) then a few hundred drones over the beach has gotta be a big draw. Lol

Wouldn’t it be great as @Brian has said to get enough of us on the beach at Blackpool, to spell the initials of GADC !


Holy mackerel!!! (Other expletives are available, but that one was decent)