Graupner props.....FREE

Latest round of giveaways

Firstly, I was given these and I have no need for them.

Graupner E-Props 8X5 3 x LH, 3 x RH, (2 brand new in packs)
If you want them, shout! I’ll pay the postage.

Secondly, I’ve had this iON USB Turntable/archiver for years, never used it, still in the box.
If you want it, you’ll have to fetch it or pay carriage.

This isn’t a photo of mine, just one I got off Google, but it’s this sort.

Hi John
I’ll give you a tenner for the props.
I’m not having them for nothing though :smiley:

Can collect with printer, probably Sunday morning :thinking:

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Steve, they were free off the guy I bought the printer off. He gave me 2 sets of Inspire props and a set of Phantom 3 props as well. I gave him £175 for a near enough unused FlashForge Dreamer, then he showed me his very large chopper (Augusta 109), and when I said I’d got an Inspire he gave me the props cos he’d got them left from his Inspire, the others came in the bag
Buy One get one Free mate! The printer was going to be chucked in the bin as he’d lost all interest in putting it back together! Some assembly required.


Is it the one with retracts 109 Power?

It was red! I think it had retracts but I don’t remember them being down.

I’d be interested if it’s the 109 Power, did he say he was selling it? Or could you contact him on my behalf?

I think he’d only just bought it Lance, he couldn’t get to grips with 3d printing, so he’s gone back to flying helis.


This is the one I’ve been looking out for…

I’ll just add I’ve got the fixed retract version in the loft for years, might bring it out and mod it now I’ve got into 3D printing…:thinking:


His 109 was a glow model, somewhere around a 60 size (ish)