Great Barr Hall - Birmingham

Had the pleasure to fly for a client over 150 acres
Funny thing happened lost signal to smart controller only 200 meters out a quick switch off and back on sorted it a bit hairy though as drone was drifting any clues would be appreciated as to why?


This wasn’t last Tuesday (10th) was it? I was doing a demonstration of OLE inspection for work (not far from Spaghetti) then with my Inspire, and the drone was nearly uncontrollable, as if it was in Atti mode in the wind.
Barr Hall, for years the local mental hospital/asylum, until Maggie Thatcher’s “Care in the Community” idea sent everybody out into the wide world with no support or help! Old bitch!

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No it was Thursday, really weird as no notifications or warnings on Airdata after checking flight out, anyway got her back ok that’s the main thing :+1:

I was lucky it was only about 20 meters away and 6 meters up, but a bit squeaky bum time. Wonder if it was anything to do with the University which is only 100 yards away?