Great Orme, Llandudno

Hi All,

Joined mainly to ask this question but recon I will continue to lurk.

So I am off to Llandudno next weekend for what I think is a well deserved break from work and was looking to do a little flying at Great Orme, I do tend to mostly do still photography.

Having searched internet to see if there are any restrictions and as yet havent seen any other than the obvious. Given that there is quite a lot of public dislike of drones can anyone local or that has been there give me some ideas on the best place to fly and any other location close by that would give a good flying and photography experience.

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i would suggest NOT flying from the cafe at the very top - instead, who down to where the old copper caves are, park there and just take a few steps either behind or above them. They are not busy at the moment, in fact they are closed more than open, so its a good spot. Looking westish you will have a fine view towards Conway & the Penmaenmawr quarries, and looking NE you can get Puffin Island Lighthouse into a shot. The ONLY obstacle to look out for are the cables from the cable cars, if your back is to them then its all good. You also get some shelter on this side too and you can tuck yourself away if its busy around & about. Weekdays are obviously better on the Orme. Oh yes, if you go vertical to max height, turn it eastish, you can get a fine shot over Llandudno prom.


Nice one thanks

Must say really looking forward to it, the area around Llandudno and Colwyn look fabulous also hoping to spend some time around Snowdonia

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Oooh that’d be a great spot, let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Just watch out for strong winds it’s usually quite windy up there
Especially when taking off from a sheltered spot
And leave plenty of battery for getting back on just in case your coming home in a head wind
Other than that enjoy and can’t wait to see the pics/footage :+1:

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heh yeah I’ve stood on the trig point leaning into the wind, indeed it does!

I have flown over the Great Omre in Llandudno, I went up around 3 pm, the car park was full but the people were well spread about. Now I can not walk to far ( disabled ) so I would get myself to a spot I could sit & fly, any part I wanted to fly over I waited until it was clear of people. No one came over to complain just the opposite, folk were pointing my drone out to there kids & taking photos of the drone, Mavic Air. Either side of the car park makes for a good fly, you do have Power Cables on one side of the Orme as well as Cable cars ( not running 3 to 4 weeks back ). Half way Station as a person has mentioned is good point to fly again was not opened but you can fly it & if still not opened even better for there will be very little amount of people there, kept myself & the drone away from groups of people but sat where they could see me if they wished to complain.Part Two Great Orme output - YouTube for one part of my flight. I’ve never posted a video before on any site, I do not consider myself that good as of yet, editing, getting there

Thanks Philip, video looks great. Weather not looking promising for the days I’m there but still looking forward to going

you’re welcome, there are plenty of other parts to the Orme, myself I can not get to them. Around a month back I went flying over the little Orme, that took it out of me. enjoy your day weather is meant to be picking up
I have only flown for about 4 months myself pretty new to it but love it…