Greenan Castle, Ayr

Nice weather today so I had a little walk out to Greenan Castle, south of Ayr.


Nice. Good first picture with the sun. :+1:

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Thanks. Took a bit more patience than I usually have to get it lined up with the window :wink:


Where did you take off from? Last time I headed up they had started charging to park.

Ended up I just kept driving down to Turnberry for a few flights.

Would like to head down another time when its quiet.

Edit - Just spotted the Dronescene entry with details :+1:

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I think they’re charging for the parking at the end of Ayr esplanade now, but if you don’t mind a windy route through Doonfoot there are two (small) free carparks right near the castle. Spotted a patch of grass up from the beach just east of the castle that somebody has flattened down and used for a BBQ so I took off from there. I hadn’t been down there before so went more for the walk than the flying expecting it to be mobbed, but it’s a nice, quiet little beach… at least it was today :wink:

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Hold on, I was thinking of Dunure castle further along.

Forgot all about Greenan. :+1:

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Great pics who says there is no global warming :joy:

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Lovely shots! Nice compositions!

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