Greetings from Somerset

Hi everyone. I’m Ben and I’m relatively new to the world of drones. I live in Taunton, Somerset so I certainly have some beautiful places to practice my flying and photography skills. I’m the proud owner of a new DJI Mavic Air 2 (upgraded from a Holystone HS720) :rofl:. There’s a hell of a lot I’m still to learn and I’m hoping with the obviously vast amount of knowledge on here I should learn a thing or two and maybe make some new friends along the way?

Thanks :blush::blush:


HI Ben and welcome to the forum. You are certainly right that there is a lot of people with a lot of knowledge on here who are always willing to help.

You will find this a very friendly place to reside so take a good look around and, more than anything, enjoy.


Hi @Bmturl and welcome to GADC.

Take a look at the members map for folks local to you, one does spring to mind @McSteamy2010, he’s always out and about will be along to say hi shortly.

If you’re looking for somewhere to fly check out our very own DroneScene map, where you can add any good flying spots to help the community.

Most of all enjoy the club, loads of useful info, help and banter a plenty


Ben, welcome to the club mate. Glad to see you’ve joined :raised_hands:


@mcsteamy2010 is a good friend of mine already :blush: he’s partly responsible for my new Mavic Air 2. After some sessions watching his Mavic Pro 2 in action I saw DJI was definitely the next step for me to take.


What’s the real McSteve like :wink:


Hhhmmmm dodgy character that Mcsteve :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: JUST KIDDING . He seems a good lad and he help out with my editing problems. And welcome to GADC . :+1:


:zipper_mouth_face: shhhh don’t tell em Ben :shushing_face:


Secrets are safe with me Steve :kissing_heart:


Hey Ben welcome! Im new here and new to drones also and everyone here has been very welcoming and happy to share their knowledge and experience. I also have the MA2 and am finding it fantastic to use so far. Hope youre enjoying yours too! Look forward to seeing your vids/photos :+1:t2:

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Hi Ben welcome to the site