Grey Arrows Merchandise

Grey Arrows Merchandise has landed!

You asked, we (eventually) delivered :+1:t2:

The Grey Arrows Drone Club is pleased to announce the launch of our officially branded merchandise.

We now have a range of clothing available such as T-shirts, hoddies and baseball caps, along with some other goodies such as mouse mats, drinks coasters and mugs.

We would like to thank:

  • @PsychoTeapot (Dave)
    – For his original logo designs
  • @Skandio (Kev)
    – For editing the originals to make them suitable for print
    – For designing some shiny new logos for print


We’ve partnered with Spreadshirt so they handle the payments, printing and shipping - all in the one place. Items are printed and shipped from Germany and you have a choice of delivery options.

The official Grey Arrows Drone Club Merchandise Shop is located at:

We will be adding new products and new designs in the future.

Looking for Stickers? :thinking:

Stickers and decals are now available courtesy of @McSteamy2010 :bowing_man:t2:

More details in this thread:

GADC Club Stickers



There have been a few “test” purchases before going live this evening, and product quality/printing seems excellent - packaging superb - and DHL got the items to us from Germany at a good speed. :+1:



We’re going to be running a promotion between 06/03/2019 and 10/03/2019 for FREE SHIPPING!

So if you want to hold on a few days before ordering, you’ll save yourselves a few quid too :wink:

Voucher code will be posted in due course.


I was looking at a hoodie but the reviews say the sizes are small, not going to get one to fit me in that case :unamused:

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There is a 30 day return guarantee:

30-day return guarantee

Simply return your product within 30 days of receipt . Whether it doesn’t fit you, suit you or it’s not what you expected - just send it back. You can choose from the following options:

  • Exchange for a new product
  • Exchange for a voucher to be redeemed towards your next order
  • Refund of your product cost as long as the product was not designed specifically for you

Or if in doubt, just don’t buy one.


I could hold a party in one that size!


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Not if I was invited


Yeah, well I do man sizes.
I’m just going by the comments, I’ll have to look how the measurements compare to what I have that fits.


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Someone’s got to model one of these sooner or later?? Let’s see a pic! (preferably taken from a height of 300m with a grade 8 filter during a hyperlapsed orbital pan…)


Should have read this full post. Especially regarding the postage deal in a few days.

Just ordered me a hoodie and a mug.

Hope I like em.



If you don’t like them Matt @TheWood1978
I’ll have the hoodie.
Oh just a thought, yours might be a bit too big for me!!!

Hi Mickydd, that size is just right for me , I wish I was smaller lol’s.

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It might not be too late to cancel your order, then reorder in a couple of days time?

Love the hat with the logo,but any chance of a standard baseball cap,IE solid panels as opposed to mesh???

Who knows …

Pretty cool dudes,i nearly pulled the trigger on the hats,but will hold out to see if it becomes available as a standard baseball cap,like it,apart from the mesh panels…:+1::+1:


Also,just an idea,but what about a GADC hi vis vest??? might help to keep some people away while flying,plus it looks kind of “official”…:+1::+1:


Don’t overlook this, guys! :+1::+1:

@FIREFOX Baseball cap added to the shop :+1:t2: