Groundless prohibition rules (and a nice evening flight around Stonehenge)


Might be of interest to you, @SteveBell .


@OzoneVibe & SeveBell
I really appreciate your views and comments on this topic, they are well considered and understanding of both sides of the argument. I have done some counselling and mental health traing in recent years and my nephew has 2 kids with aspergers, so I have a very small insight into how it effects the lives of those with it. I glad that you see things are not always black and white, as you have shown in this thread, yes ther are dozens of shades of grey in between. I’m now 63 and have learnt how to chill, living a spiritual life in India for 11 years helped a lot with that. So it is having the ability to accept things as they that allows you to chill, don’t waste your time on the things you can’t change, but rather focus on what you have infuence of and make the most of what you can do.

Sorry for going on a bit, but 60+ is time to chill…
Take care guys.


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