Guildford Landslip

Its been a wet wintering the south of the UK, the rain has soaked the earth and in some places caused a lot of disruption, especially in Guildford, on the trains between Guildford and Godalming as reported here Eagle Radio - Guildford Landslip

I was shooting St Catherines Chapel yesterday (30th Dec 2019- Video to follow) and took an aerial photo of the affected area…whilst its devastating, the disruption it causes to travel, the image is one of peace and serenity. I really like this one. Hope you do too…

Happy shooting…

Shot on a Mavic 2 Pro - 1/20th Sec, F/2.8, ISO 400, ND4


Those Guildford to Godalming trains, don’t they extend north to London Waterloo and south to Portsmouth Harbour? In which case commuting after the holidays is going to be fun!

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I think it’s mainly open now, shouldn’t be much of a problem getting through!

Fab earthy colours :+1:

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