Gunners Park, Shoebury Essex


Stunning photo, as an ex Southender I love that area. I don’t know if there are restrictions round there?

Hi mate. Thanks, I’m quite proud of this one. We have restrictions due to Southend airport and the MOD land on Foulness. Gunners Park is just outside it in class D airspace so I get a warning but nothing else. Unfortunately I live in Westcliff which is just inside the airport’s authorisation zone but a call to ATC normally works in my favour.

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Great photo DJ

I’m not far from you in Rayleigh with a few of us Essex dronies getting together now and again through a WhatsApp group. Drop me a line if you fancy being added and joining us on a meet and fly sometime soon.


Thanks Phil, that would be great. Looking for like minded people in the area👍

Message me your number fella and I’ll add you to our WhatsApp group.