GVC Practical Assessment

Well it was my GVC practical assessment yesterday.
I was a bundle of nerves and my safety brief was more of a safety waffle.
Flying was not too bad.
The important thing was that i passed.


Nice one, well done :clap: :clap:

Well done mate :clap:

Congratulations :+1:

Well done @BrianS.

My GVC flight assessment has been put on hold due to Lockdown II :frowning:


Well done Brian.
I’ve just got my GVC OE practical / flight test left to do. . .

It’s time to have a drink :tumbler_glass:well done

Congratulations :partying_face: on your flight assessment was your course lay out in the T shape? And we’re did you position your secondary landing spot :smiley:

Congratulations, @BrianS!

Thank you :sunglasses:

That happened to me twice, just managed to sneak it in before this lockdown. You will get there :+1: 2020 the year that just keeps on giving?

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Thank you, I had more than one though :beer: :beer:

Hi secondary TOLP was place to the left of the primary TOLP as I had anticipated pedestrian incursions from a nearby footpath (although cordoned off).

Emergency procedures got real when a plane from the Sibson parachute centre dropped a parachutist right in front of me but too far away to cause an issue, but still a distraction. Then the plane that dropped him flew a circuit and passed through my flight test from right to left at about 400ft !!

The training kicked in “phew” and I easily evaded him. So this stuff does happen in the real world. Still makes my hands shake when I think of it though :sweat_smile:


Congratulations :sunglasses:

Thanks all.

@Ned Luckily we just got this in. The second part of the training has been put back till sometime next year.
@Cikoy Yes the lay out was T ish. The secondary landing spot was in front of us as we where operating from a path and we where not allowed to use the fields for the secondary landing spot.

Anyway i’m happy that my hobby will become part of my job.

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Got To wait for the CAA now. Still we have to get our stick time in.

Just completed another 8 days of training.
This time it was industrial inspections and surveying.
Learned a hell of a lot and finally got to fly in an industrial environment.
Thanks to Heliguy and C-Bird.

Best of all work is paying me to do this. :grinning: