Gwennap Head Blowhole - Cornwall

A misty and wet morning at the Gwennap Head Blowhole just a short walk from Porthgwarra Cove in Penzance, Cornwall.
A bit dangerous to say the least for any walker not watching where they are going, you don’t want to fall in there!
Shot on a DJI Mini 2, a little overexposed in places as I didn’t have an ND4 filter with me and the ND8 filter that I did have was too strong for the low light, so I had to make the best of it with the lens unfiltered.
Beautiful location and Cornwall is stunning, unfortunately this was the only day I could get flying during our weeks stay due to high winds.


I know nothing about filters, but that’s a great video.

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Very good. Love the piece around 1:20. The colours are gorgeous and would have made a great photo.

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