Hallo from Hampshire!


Speak for your self…Chris
Welcome @Sky_scater to the madhouse we call home
Sit a while and enjoy shooting the breeze with use
If there’s anything your not sure about just ask we have all had different experiences with various drones and may be able to help you out.


Hi Opochka

I do want to ask them if I can come and do a video and some stills of the Netley ruins.
Got a video this morning after sunrise from the water side over the Castle


Hi Longstride!

Yes definitely! A meetup sounds brilliant


@sparkman999 Thanks, yes I rather went out this morning. Weather was quite interesting but at least very low wind


HI @Sky_scater - welcome aboard. I’m new too, although located in the midlands. You’ve joined the right place, really helpful bunch.


@Rgascoigne71 Thanks! Just what I want to hear.


Check out this thread


Welcome to GADC @Sky_scater.

I am a Mavic Air flyer located on the Hampshire / Sussex border. I know the Netley area well, though not flown there much.