Hang time..!

Finally plucked up the guts to hang about upside down and wow! Quite a lot of fun, new things to learn

But question is… Is that a split s? Could it be the beginnings of one…?

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Yeah. Split s. Not sure if a split s should finish through a gap though :thinking:

It was either a gap, or foliage…! (at this stage!)

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Nice flying but you need to sort out the


Yeah, I get nervous around trees. Don’t want to climb em.

Turns out the frame was cracked… More repairs needed!

Oh and mangled props

Whoa close at 0:50 :cold_sweat: great clip though :ok_hand:

Yup. That was almost a very complex retrieval operation. Id already started considering hanging a grapple below the Mavic pro…

However, it would all have been worth it. I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new dimension! And the joy of inertia into the bargain!

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