Hard Case for Air 2?

Anyone have any recommendations for a hard case for the Air 2?

Or are they all much of a muchness?


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A friend of mine just bought a nice one

I’ll find out some details later.

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I bought the Lykus one that holds the SmartController as well as the original tranny, about the same price. Good quality, and I can get the Mini 2 with 2 spare batteries and the controller in there as well!

Thanks. Saw that on the German Amazon site, but it doesn’t appear to be sold in the UK.

You’ll not find much better than the GPC :drooling_face:



It was the M210 that I bought, but when I click on the link in My Orders, it brings up the M200. Must be out of stock.

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I got this, nice quality


Although these are very nice buf expensive


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I got this one on Amazon


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Just ordered this one for my Air 2


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Hard Case Arrived today :slight_smile: 10/10 for build quality, Very Strong Shell and very good claw locks. A bit of cutting needed on the foam, as I added Strobes to drone. But other wise lots of space for bits and bobs.

Very impressed :slight_smile:

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I ordered that one two, good old Amazon for comparison. Preferred the battery storage on the MC one but it was close

I do like how you can charge the battery’s and store them in case :slight_smile: plus at the time, no postage, Quick Delivery, no import fees and slightly cheaper price.

So for me It protects drone :slight_smile: holds everything I need :slight_smile: and costs less :slight_smile: but is not a flimsy Chinese’s cheap case :slight_smile:

Is the MC case the same size, as I was surprised at how compact mine is :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure it was same case just different layout