Harrier FPV thumbs up or probably thumbs down

Hi there, a friend has sent me a message this morning asking what a Harrier FPV drone is like. I am not sure how serious they are on drones but before I scare them with a price that they would be looking at for something good has anyone got one. I am guessing at £59 they are going to not be suitable… I mean you do get what you pay for. Can not believe that these companies can make them look so much like a DJI.
Any views. The price made me reply… I would guess it will be used once and put in a cupboard but maybe someone out there will know better.


these types of drones are usually a huge scam.

You either pay your money and receive nothing or you pay your money and receive a hot pile of garbage that will break on first flight.

My advice is to stay well away from ads like that. And actually purchase from a proper hobby store.

If £59 is their budget tell them this isn’t the hobby for them and move on. they’ll just end up wasting £59.

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Thanks. Pretty much what i told them
I am in the process of describing why a DJI mini 2 / 3 would be a good idea
However they are yet to tell me the budget so it is more likely to scare them off. I made sure I said that there are two controllers on the cheap ones… the first one is nature and most of the time you are mainly correcting what nature is doing to it rather then enjoying the flight
I learnt a long time ago with £60 drones and when we got our mini 2 it was enjoyable to fly rather then scary thinking what is it gonna do

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Ask them to post on here

I think it is just a… mmm that looks good. They are not even a drone owner and this may be an idea they just came up with after seeing an advert
So will see what they say first but if they get one, I will get them on here.

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I replied to this on Deano’s post, They may not go for it so will first of all see what they think about it. I explained about op id and flyer Id and insurance etc

Marketing at its finest right there, but what they show and what you get are usually very different. just approach with caution :+1:t2:

I have advised two drones… DJI Mini 2 and DJI mini 3 and told him to go get his flyer id and I will let him fly both of ours. Telling someone that the £59 drone he saw should really have another 0 on the end is something to concern people. However he said he looked at DJI before so he is aware of price. Gave all the differences. Just give them a flight and leave them to it.
If they buy one then I will get them here

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