Has anyone had this issue?

I am getting a warning about low signal please adjust antennas also as you can see a RED signal strength indicator showing on screen…
Any ideas folks ???

PS I have done a IMU calibration and compass calibration

The red warning is for the VPS not the radio signal. See the 0.2m VPS bottom right, that’s telling you there’s something in front of your Mavic, your keyboard… :slight_smile: You have full radio signal strength, see the little transmitter symbol.

I have had the low radio signal a few times but it then just disappears and have never actually lost signal in flight.

Thanks Peter, its been flashing the msg up all morning I have used 4 x battery’s In open areas to small built up areas it still showing red indicator and the antenna msg…

As Peter said the indicator is the VPS system.

In atti mode the VPS indicator turns red as not active.

In P-GPS or P-OPTI the indicator will turn white unless in poor light.

As for the low signal warning, is your mavic close to to your wireless router or any other source of interference?

Edit - See you have tried it outside.

Its stayed on all morning never changed colour stayed RED all the sensors are clean no obstruction etc…
And just been into the garden to try it and still saying antenna warning and red VPS warning

Have you upgraded firmware recently?

Seems strange VPS is not working and signal warning at same time.

H Callum, The MP is only a month or so old its replaced my other one that committed suicide, its prompting me to do the very latest upgrade but I have held off…

I’d check in the settings that you haven’t accidently disabled visual positioning.

Can’t remember off top of my head where option is.

Same thought as me but no they are all correct.

You’ve already done it but all I can think of is cleaning the vision sensors on underside and front of mavic.

If they are clean you could then try to calibrate VPS with DJI assistant.

Failing that refresh firmware with DJI assistant.

Might also be worth taking a look at logs to see if that gives a better idea of what is going on.

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you’re definitely not in Sports mode?

No not in sports mode, I think I may have sorted it, I have done a full update, IMU again, Compass, Gimble the job lot and she seems fine now :pray: