Has anyone used Dashware?

I am trying to use Dashware to sync the video to flight data but the video imports ok but when I try to import the flight data (.dat) Dashware says it has no embedded data. Tried a few different data profiles but none are working .
Any help appreciated

from what I remember, you have to have the video imported into Dashware, then also have the downloaded “.dat” file (from Airdata) the flight parameters have to match your video, obviously for everything to work !.
The files must then be synchronised to each other, and adjusted very accurately to get good results.
You can add various things, height, distance, etc into dashware with add in’s to your liking.
Long laborious job, but worth the wait.
You do not see to many peeps using it these days.
I only made a couple of videos with it, as it took so long to do !!

Followed your recommendation. Signed up to Airdata and problem solved, gave me the .csv file I needed. Thanks

@Gadgerman if it’s not too late…