Has anyone used the DJI LightCut app?

Dji recommends you to use this app called LightCut. I am generally asking anyone if they’ve used it, tested or use regularly and if they rate it or not.



I use it sometimes and really like it :blush: I use it on my iPad Pro and get the full screen. It lets you do a quick edit where they add the music and stuff which you can change or, you can do the whole edit yourself.

I use it all the time, on a 10 inch android tablet. You can quickly add in the clips you need, cut them, alter the speed, add text, add from a great selection of transitions, and add their music, or yours on the device, if you want. Then export at 1080p, 2.7k or 4k. Or you can save as a draft and continue editing later.

Lately I’ve taken to doing the video editing totally with lightcut, exporting at the desired speed, then importing to Kdenlive on the Linux laptop to do the music, as the light cut editor has less fine control over music editing than it has over video editing. I’ve just now started shaping the music with Audacity, to get better control over excerpting and matching that.

Highly recommend it!

I’ve used it several times quite good for free.

I use it too. Great app as far as quick videos for clients go on a free app. If anyone is interested in a great free editing app to get started with or just to have to stop paying I can suggest cap cut. It’s a really great app that I use on our farm for agricultural vehicle video’s

Farm :thinking:

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Unfortunately the other people there already complain about one drone. I might have a few issues if more than one drone is there :rofl:. I do have a place that no one will be disturbed though that I might be able to put up as a good meet place next to Dunstable downs.

I’m still very new to this, but so far made three videos on it it’s really easy to pick up and I was really happy with the results afterwards. I was a bit sceptical when I first downloaded it, thinking it was probably going to stick watermarks all over the videos or loads of adverts, but was happily surprised.

I also use mine on an iPad Pro. I have tried to use it on my phone but found it a little little bit tedious as my fingers are a bit too fat. lol :joy:

Best thing to do is just have a goat, it’s free so you’ve got nothing to lose!

I’m pretty sure I read before that Lightcut is indeed just a stripped down version of CapCut.

Would make sense with the similarity of look and feel and the naming.

Is there a version of LightCut or CapCut that I can have on my Surface Pro 7 ? Web based is no use to me as I frequently don’t have a connection and the mobile phone is unworkable as my fingers are far too big for tiny touchscreens.

I use CapCut on my iPad which isn’t new ?

I’ve the same problem on my mobile lol’s

It’s in the Microsoft store.

Found it. Thanks

I’m enjoying lightcut, but would much prefer to use software on my PC instead (offline).
I installed capcut, seems fine - although as far as I can tell, it’s missing the ability to automatically create a montage out of several clips? Or am I missing something?

I would love it if there was a windows based editing software that I could throw a group of clips together and it makes a video which I could then go in and tweak.

The process of cutting together clips manually I find to be a daunting and time consuming task!