Has anyone used this Lyongtech charger for the DJI Air?

Anyone got any experience of these chargers?

Could be useful for me living in a place where weather forecasts are less than accurate and we could have all four seasons in the time the DJI charger takes to charge three batteries.

The original Mavic Pro had two charging hubs available.

One that used the regular power supply and charged each battery in turn, and another that looked absolutely identical on the outside, but it accepted a 100W power supply (and had a fan built in) and was capable of charging multiple batteries concurrently.

I’m not familiar with the chargers for the DJI Air range, but would they have two types available too? (which might solve your problem)

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Not that I’m aware but happy to be proved wrong. The 3rd party chargers have lots of good reviews on Amazon but I’m too long in the tooth to be overly impressed by that

Indeed, reviews are all too easily bought these days. You’re wise trusting people here for genuine reviews :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with this brand either, I guess it’s just a generic chinese charger thats sold under 101 different names.

Someone may have come across it under a different guise.

(moved your post to #questions-and-answers btw)

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Been tempted to try their M2 charger but at over £30 and only Amazon reviews not too keen.
I will live with using standard chargers and planning ahead for flights, supplemented by power banks to charge in the go and possibly a car charger.
Anyone used a car charger?

I have one.
Works well, it also allows you to drop the charge of the batteries for storage.

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