Hatchett Pond, Beaulieu - Added to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in South East

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 501

Sunsets here are amazing and photographers can be seen lining the pond nightly in the summer. It has its own car park and there is also Hatchett moor just up the road where there are two much smaller ponds. Close to Beaulieu and it’s famous motor museum. A great spot for flying the drone.


looks lovely

Unfortunately this is within New Forest National Park & you are not allowed to fly drones there. See nfnpa website for details.


They only prevent you taking off and landing from their “public” land.

You’ll have to excuse the Lorem Ipsum text on their web site :roll_eyes:


Taking off from private land and flying over anywhere in the area within the confines of the Drone Code is perfectly legal.

There are no NFZs in that area.



However, if you have permission to fly, which I did, this is fine. If you give them a clear flight plan with height and distance etc with dates and times, permission is normally granted for that period. The rule is to prevent it being a ‘free for all’. I guess you just assumed I was breaking the rules.

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Not at all. I read through the website and other posts and it appeared that consent was unlikely to be granted unless you were doing it for commercial reasons. Is that why you got consent? If not, what sort of detail would I need to send them? Could you possibly send me what you submitted.



I sent a general email to say that I intended to visit hatchett pond
to catch sunrise. I told them I would be flying from a car park for a maximum of 30 mins to take pictures and at no time would I fly near to animals buildings or traffic.
I had an email back to say that on that basis they couldn’t see a problem.
However, I fly in other areas without permission but simply follow the drone code and avoid NFZs etc like any responsible drone pilot.
At one location a ranger even asked me to air drop him some of the pics I’d taken that day :joy:
Anyway, sorry if I misinterpreted your post and happy flying :blush: