Having fun on Hayling island with a fellow mavic pilot!

Beautiful day for a flight or two ,so had some fun,boy was the weather scorching!Sure Ive got sun radiation poisoning!


Great stuff!

Who was the fellow Mavic pilot you mentioned??

Hi pingspike,this is my mate dave,who i coerced into getting a drone,namely a mavic pro platinum!:+1:t2::joy:
he said at the time he would not be able to fly it,but now i get the feeling he is really hooked,he,s now got a landing mat aswell, . Think he is ahead of me now :astonished: another mate of mine,next door neighbor,is just about to purchase too,Funny but when i got mine i couldn’t wait to open the box and get everything charged up.but then i panicked about flying it and there it sat,looking at me and me looking at it for nearly three weeks before i could get the bottle to try it.when i first took off,i was gobsmacked how it just hovered in place,waiting for me to to tell it what i wanted it to do!absolutely love it,glad i didn’t send it back,which and im being honest here,did cross my mind. But i thought ,hay, ive wanted a drone for over three years,if i dont get past my fears i will never know weather i made the right decision !

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Bt the way,pingspike,i will be getting him to join GADC,I hope!

Please do Tony! More the merrier :smiley: