Hawksbury - Saturday 28/12/19

Hey guys me and a mate or 2 are thinking of heading to hawksbury on Saturday. Not sure of time yet but it’s a head up :slight_smile:

If it’s AM I can probably join you faor a few hours
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Think we’re meeting at 10:30 :slight_smile:


Working nights so will be asleep :frowning:

Anyone else coming along tomorow? @notveryprettyboy you around?

I think I can. Just done an 11hr drive from the highlands so I’m pretty stuffed. But can’t turn down a meet! Is it 10.30 then? @Wyntrblue

Aye 10:30. Hawksbury usual spot :slight_smile: the more the merrier

I’m up and charging. It’s not exactly warm out there so make sure you have a few layers on :slight_smile:

See you at 10:30

Car loaded :+1:
Last piece of toast :+1:
Then on my way :blue_car::blue_car::blue_car::blue_car:

I’m ready to go once @evilbobbins gets here.

Not bringing any wings out tho. They need setting up on my t16pro and I just can’t be bothered

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Running a tad late

Thanks for coming out guys. Was fun tho my lipos didn’t like the cold much!

@Steviegeek liftofff or velocidrone;)


@Wyntrblue @Steviegeek @evilbobbins A REALLY nippy toothpick!

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Had a really great morning. It’s so much better flying with others. Cheers guys.


Me too
And thanks for the advice @Wyntrblue
Will look at Liftoff tonight :slightly_smiling_face:
See you soon guys :grinning:


Also try the freerider demo. It’s Free! And, ahem, I have links to the full version. Ahem!

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Too fast for me…

@Wyntrblue Your dji definitely doesn’t cut signal behind trees? Also, when I look at my hd footage, it looks like I go really fast. (On my analogue, I don’t feel that, unless it’s cos I’m in the zone.) It’s on a 4k xv which is a copy of gopro to get to speed illusion for freestyle. But I am leaning to get the dji if I keep video behind trees and possibly get the illusion of speed.

I have said it before. And I will say it again. If I can do it, anyone can!