Hayling Island sunset


Well I’ve made it to Hayling Island! Sunset was really nice and I think there’s a lot of potential in that area.



Stunning photo @Sky_scater :clap:t2:


Great shot Stef
Hope you don’t mind what we’re the settings on the MP2 ?
And don’t just say “ah it’s that hasenblad” it’s more than that


Thanks @PingSpikeand @sparkman999 Hahahaha no I won’t do that!
Iso 100, f2. 8, 1/40

Ive also took a few with HDR but of other objects around.


Brilliant shot Stef :+1: - if you fancy meeting up some time let me know - there are a couple of other good flying places around that area


Yip sounds like a plan thanks! Can always do with some good tips on flying.
@sparkman999 I forgot to mention I’ve also used a ND 8 grad filter with those combination of settings. But all depends what your light situation is gonna be, your light settings won’t stay the same, as you well know.