Hayling Island Then and Now

Hayling Island Then and Now is the self-explanatory title of one of my local Facebook groups. So I posted two views:

Eastoke Corner, Hayling Island 19:48

And Eastoke Corner, Hayling Island (twelve minutes to eight)


Amazing… it’s as if it hasn’t aged at all during all that time :smiley:

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even the cars are parked in the same places amazing :crazy_face:


So no change apart from the colour? Or have I missed the point?

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They are two different photos. One from 19:48 and one from twelve minutes before eight o’clock …

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Just goes to prove - you don’t really need a DeLorean for time travel :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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I don’t get it either…


Yeah quite clever, use a filter or two and it is amazing what you can do with the same photo.

The vehicles were very advanced in 19:48.

:rofl::rofl: like it