Hayling Island

On Wednesday I dropped the car off for an MoT then Dogzilla and I walked the three miles home. Today I walked to the garage to pick up the car again. I took a few snaps on the way. This was an interesting exercise for both of us as only a small part of the walk is on our regular route - lots of new smalls, dogs and people for Dogzilla to investigate!


Is that a narrow gauge railway Rob, or is Dogzilla nearly 10 feet long?


Great pics Rob :ok_hand: I can see why you call him Dogzilla now, he’s a big chap!


No that’s a lie. Ome of these things might be normal-sized.


She might take you to task over the gender confusion and, for a Rottweiler, she is quite small. Dogzilla refers to her destructive tendencies. I think she self-identifies as a rodent and feels the need to chew anything that isn’t nailed down …

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