Hayling seafront


Have you seen this before, just came across it as was thinking heading over that way tomorrow, near the RNLI station somewhere…
Any ideas…

Several. And none of them charitable!

Ignore that map. It is from a website for gammons to claim their own little bit of Britain as a drone free zone, both the land and the airspace above reaching to infinity and beyond. It is totally spurious and in this particular instance some knobhead has claimed areas including local and county council land, Crown Estates and MY ***KIN HOUSE as his own personal fiefdom.

No problem with launch near the lifeboat station apart from parking. The road leading to it is owned by the sailing club and the gate will be manned tomorrow. Even when unguarded there is nowhere to park - the road itself is one car width and a red route, the lifeboat car park is closed off by a barrier. Nrarest parking would be Mariner’s Walk. There is a red dog poo bin and a tree-lined gravel pathway next to it that leads to the breach just south of the lifeboat station. The natives do get restless at times if their road is too cluttered with parked vehicles …

Tomorrow might be a touch windy, Met office is giving surface winds as WSW, 18 mph gusting 28 at midday, UAV forecast much the same. High tide is 12:34

I won’t be flying tomorrow unless I get a call from the local SAR group (well worth joining), I have grown more cautious now I’m the wrong side of 30 :slight_smile:

Do feel free to pm me if you are cming down at any time, either for advice or if you want another pilot to play with!


Daily Mail readers ;o)


Gammons?.. bordering on offensive language mate.

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I have a sneaking suspicion I know what (farcical) web site that is from.

Here’s an actual NFZ map of that area, rather than a made up one :roll_eyes:



It’s the simplest shorthand I know to describe those who consider themselves superior, do not want anyone else to enjoy the amenities to which they have access, claim everything as their own and their right without any justification and who disapprove of anyone else having any form of amusement. And the island where I live is overrun with them.

If it is offensive it is because these people deeply offend me!


Ahh you mean Knobheads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yes they get everywhere!